Shop overview for modellers

In past few years, the technology used for shopping has gone through multiple transformations and was also getting more sophisticated. Computers have increased in size and performance to a large extent, especially with the help of GPUs. GPUs are excellent at handling complex calculations such as visualising an object in 3D or text rendering. These results can be achieved by […]

Overview of clothing stores

A brand name is a memorable feature of a product. When buying clothes, most people look for an authoritative name associated with it. This is called the brand identity. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you choose your clothes wisely and are not tricked by fake brands such as Chloe or Dior. But how do you find out […]

Shopping bestsellers – what to buy for your home?

A good shopping experience requires that you make an informed choice. The Internet is the place to do that – research and compare products from different brands, see what others are saying about them, then buy or not to buy. In the digital world, there are thousands of products available to its consumers. Some of them are brand new, while […]

Wednesday’s review of the best shopping suggestions

Wednesday’s review of the best shopping suggestions is a research based article written by Alian Rolin on the use of artificial intelligence to generate relevant and interesting product recommendations for customers in a digital age. The best shopping on the internet is now at a click away. This time I will review some of the most popular shopping websites, tell […]